Measured home heat loss tests

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heat Transfer Tests from Leading Experts

what we do

Using the latest thermal performance technology we carry out measured heat transfer tests which will provide you the heating transfer coefficient (HTC) of your home. This helps you have a correctly sized heating system. Your independent test report has also been designed to help you find a good heating engineer

Saving You Money on the bills

Heat pumps, radiators and underfloor heating all need to be sized correctly otherwise the system uses more electric than it should do, meaning you pay higher bills.

Installation of a heat pump costs a lot of money so it makes sense it is done right.

A correctly sized system will be aiming for the lowest possible flow temperatures to your radiators and this is where you can start to see savings.

measured home heat loss

Research is proving heat loss calculations using u-values, required under the MCS rules, can be inaccurate. Unfortunately, industry standards can be slow to catch up with technological advancement.

A measured heat transfer test will give you and your chosen engineer peace of mind to size the heat pump accurately

Your engineer will still produce a calculation to help with radiator sizing but with your independent report they now have an accurate baseline to work from.

help with finding a Good Heating Engineer

A 'cowboy' element exists in the heating industry. Regulation and enforcement has been unable to weed them out. A cowboy will take one look at your report and think "not for me" - great for you, society and the industry.

The conscientious engineer will find it useful. HTC is new to industry and your report also contains links to learning resources to help engineers familiarise themselves with current best practises such as how to size pipework and radiators for the lowest possible flow temperatures.

About Us

This is a BetaTeach service. BetaTeach was established to help heating engineers understand the benefits of learning from one another as the industry becomes more complex. It's led by Nathan Gambling, one of the UK's best known heat experts and host of the award winning renewables podcast BetaTalk which is recognised by the European Heat Pump Association and the UK heat pump industry as a leading voice in the heating industry.

BetaTalk features expert heating engineers as well as other expert guests and officials from the Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The podcast won the British Renewable Energy Awards 2020 communication category “which recognises an organisation who has done most to enhance awareness or championed positive change for renewables or clean technology with key opinion formers: parliament, government or the public”

"Most important podcast in UK energy" Guy Newey - CEO of Energy Systems Catapult and former roles as Energy and Climate Adviser to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, and as a Special Adviser to previous Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd

"Nathan is one of the most passionate individuals working across the plumbing and heating industry. His extensive experience in the sector places him in the position of being one of its most outspoken advocates, which is essential at a time where the industry needs to be shouting about best practice. Nathan plays a vital role in educating plumbers, heating engineers and consumers." Joeseph Dart - Editor at Heating, Ventilation & Plumbing

How It Works

Around five data loggers, about the size of a packet of playing cards and which record temperature are placed strategically in your home for approximately 3 weeks. They are collected and plugged into an award winning algorithm which analyses the data against weather temperature, solar data, floor and window area and your metered energy consumption.

Your report tells you exactly what power your home needs to heat it at different outside temperatures and is an extremely accurate way to size a heat pump. You can email this report to engineers you wish to do work for you.

The report also contains links to help engineers familiarise themselves with this new method of accurate measurement as well as informing them of current trends and best practice in the design and installation of heat pumps used by leading engineers. So it goes some way in helping you find an engineer who is either already familiar with best practice or at least willing to familiarise themselves with new trends.

It's important to remember heat pump systems work extremely well, but only if they have been installed to a good standard. Unfortunately, qualifications and experience do not necessarily equate to competence and finding a good installer is often pot luck for the home owner. The report has not only been designed to give you an accurate heat loss measurement of your home but take away some of the pain of knowing whether your installer will do a good job.

The data loggers work during heating season and a limited number of homes can only be surveyed this year. Register you interest here